Hi 👋🏻,
I'm Remkus de Vries

Welcome to my "link in bio" page. I'm a WordPress veteran, performance specialist and Content Creator. I’ll help you make your WordPress + WooCommerce sites fast & scale your business 📈.

I’m passionate about making fast sites, and love sharing what I’ve learned via my blog, my newsletter, and my upcoming podcast and videos.

Find out more about me on my about page or check out some of my highlights below.

Performance Specialist

I run a small WordPress Performance Specialist agency over at Truer than North. We specialize in retainers where we act as your technical partner.


I'll be introducing various courses. Chief among them Making WordPress & WooCommerce Faster. Learn more about those here.


Recordings have started, but nothing is published yet. You can, however, subscribe to my YouTube channel already. Currently just sporting some videos of me lifting, though 😅.


I publish a weekly WordPress related newsletter that's not like any WordPress newsletters you know. I highlight the things that stand out for me in the past week and comment on that. And more!